J. Chem. Phys. 2003, 119, 2782. 

The photoelectron spectrum of 2-furanmethanol (furfuryl alcohol) has been measured for ionization energies between 8 and 11.2 eV and the first three ionization bands assigned to π3,π3, π2,π2, and nono ionizations in order of increasing binding energy. The photoabsorption spectrum has been recorded in the gas phase using both a synchrotron radiation source (5–9.91 eV, 248–125 nm) and electron energy-loss spectroscopyunder electric-dipole conditions (5–10.9 eV, 248–90 nm). The (UV) absorption spectrum has also been recorded in solution (4.2–6.36 eV, 292–195 nm). The electronic excitation spectrumappears to be dominated by transitions between π and π*orbitals in the aromatic ring, leading to the conclusion that the frontier molecular orbitals of furan are affected only slightly on replacement of a H atom by the –CH2OH–CH2OH group. Additional experiments investigating electron impact at near-threshold energies have revealed two low-lying triplet states and a...

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